Bumper Boats

Be the captain of your own ship as you challenge your friends to a floating battle in the incredibly popular bumper boats! A fantastic group activity for the whole family, the bumper boats are an endless source of laughter and excitement as you steer your way around the pool, crashing into your friends, or perhaps just trying to avoid their bumps! Our motorised boats allow you to be in full control of your movements, and test your manoeuvering skills as you weave your way between the others, with the aim of being crowned the ultimate bumper. Don’t forget to use your personal water blaster to squirt anyone who gets in your way!


Bumper Boat Rules

  • Drivers must be at least 1.1m tall.
  • Maximum weigh is 125kg.
  • Children taller than 900mm but shorter than 1.1m must ride with an accompanying adult guardian.
  • Children under 900mm are not permitted on the boats.
  • Participants must remain seated at all times with limbs inside the boat.
  • The operator of the boat must be at least 12 years old.
  • Please wait for an attendant before entering the dock area or boarding boat.