One of Lorne’s great traditions, the trampolines by the foreshore have been loved by families for many years and remain one of our most popular attractions. An amazingly fun and exhilarating activity, the trampolines never lose their appeal and are enjoyed each year by locals and visitors to Lorne alike. Develop your skills, tricks and fitness, or simply bounce away and take in the picturesque beachside location.


Trampoline Safety Rules

Jumping on trampolines can result in injury. Using the Lorne Sea Baths trampolines must be undertaken in accordance with conditions displayed throughout Lorne Sea Baths.

  • No glass in trampoline enclosure
  • No jumping between mats
  • No shoes on mats
  • No scooters on mats
  • No more than one person on the mats at one time
  • No food or drink on or near trampolines
  • Do not jump or land on rubber padding
  • Do not attempt any activity beyond your skill level
  • Do not jump if you have a medical condition that may make it unsafe for you to do so
  • Jumping on trampolines is at your own risk


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