What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy, or halo-therapy, is a non-invasive natural technique that has been practiced for hundreds of years in Eastern Europe. The concept originated in natural salt caves, and since medieval times has been recognised for its positive effects on health and well-being. In particular, it is believed to have therapeutic benefits for a number of respiratory and skin conditions.

The Lorne Salt Therapy rooms are custom built to closely imitate the natural salt cave environment. The rooms are sealed and ventilated, with their walls and floors covered with natural salt. During sessions, halo-generator machines grind up pharmaceutical salt to a fine dust, which is then dispersed into the room as an aerosol. This allows it to be inhaled and absorbed by the skin.

The micro-climate of the room is closely controlled, with fresh air filters helping to eliminate airborne particles and ensuring the optimal therapeutic environment. Rooms are also fitted with reclining chairs and a television, allowing you to completely relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy in a tranquil environment.


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