Birthday Parties

Host a birthday party for your child that will have everyone talking! Lorne Sea Baths has a fantastic range of fun and exciting activities that will thrill younger and older children alike, and take the stress off organising your next party. From the trampolines to mini golf to the wonderful water activities, there is something to suit every age group and every individual need, and we aim to tailor your birthday party package to your own wishes.

We also provide the option of booking your own table area to sit down and eat. Food options are available  from our beach kiosk (Summer Months)if you prefer not to bring your own party food. Discuss you needs with the Lorne Beach Pavilion website.

Please call us on +61 3 52892077 or email for more information and to discuss how we will make your next birthday party a raging success.


Please note that we do not provide a party host, and you will need to ensure full supervision of your party group.